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Our First Lady

First Lady Helen R. Evans is a devoted wife who works as the pastor’s helper, assistant, supporter, aide, and trusted advisor who serves faithfully by his side. She is a woman of strong character, great wisdom, with many skills and tremendous compassion. She worked for the Department of the Army in the Army Medical and Education Department managing military personnel files for promotion to the rank of Second Lieutenant. She is also a Real Estate Agent, seamstress, upholster, and a dynamic motivational speaker. She enjoys working with the Grace Gospel Temple Church Family. Lady Helen Evans faithfully attends and supports the Midwestern District Council in St. Louis, Missouri. She served as the President of the Ministers’ Wives Auxiliary for six years; serves as the President of the Missionary and Christian Women’s Auxiliary at Grace Gospel Temple; she is an Adult Sunday School Teacher; has taught many seminars; and oh yes, she is an anointed preacher, and has been the keynote speaker on many occasions. First Lady Helen Evans loves the Word of God and enjoys working in the vineyard of the Lord. Lady Evans worked faithfully under the leadership of her Pastor at Lively Stone Apostolic Church in Mt. Vernon, Illinois; being a great worker and a great inspiration to the saints at this assembly. She served under this ministry as the Missionary and Christian Women’s Auxiliary President, Choir Administrator, President and Director of the Ushers, Sunday School Teacher, and Counselor. She also implemented many programs that were an asset to the church, held retreats, banquets, and raised funds to build a baptistry, purchased a lot for the church, decorated the church, and many other things. She has been an enormous help and encouragement to both the brothers and sisters at the Lively Stone Apostolic Church and did not cease her efforts there but continued to serve the Grace Gospel Temple Church Family in the same capacity. Being a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother; First Lady Evans loves her family and the people of God. She is a praying woman and lives the Word she speaks about. We are honored to have such a godly woman as our First Lady